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They can't really want anyone to take them seriously can they?

You can download and watch stupid black videos.  Okay, there are some stupid white videos, too.  You can read the Black People Blog

Please don't stage a protest or call Kanye West.  Just laugh because the rest of the world is laughing, too!

We Love Black People and We Want Black People to Love Us!

GEORGE BUSH DON'T LIKE BLACK PEOPLE?  Watch the original video! 

This new clip is an effort to keep the mantra "George Bush Don't Like Black People". Music by The Legendary K.O. to Kanye West's GoldDigger!  Make sure you stick through the credits for a surprise ending.

Watch the latest video to Kanye's "George Bush Don't Like Black People!"

Click Play (the arrow button)  to start


Why are Black People Democrats?  And why do they get mad if you don't want to be a Democrat?

Will they ever get over slavery?

Will they quit crying discrimination?

What are they doing with their lives besides wasting it away?

Why do white people have to do anything for them?  What are they doing for their own?



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